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1. You need a sketch to make which of the following primitives?
2. In the image below, the rectangle on the left is extruded and in the extent option “to object” is selected as marked in the red box of extrude palette. Then flat plane of object B is selected as the reference object up to which the rectangle is to be extruded. The final shape of the extruded rectangle is as shown in image below. Which of the following options in “chain faces” will make this kind of extruded rectangle which extends up to the curved part of object B as well?
3. What is the name of fillet applied on the edge of this cuboid?
4. Which of the following commands will extrude the tapered solid along its tapered path as shown in figure B.
5. Which of the following option of the Extent menu of Sweep palette should be selected to get the sweep as shown in figure B.
Basic 3D modelling
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