In AutoCAD, there is no direct command for finding the number of entities with a particular property but you can harness features of quick select tool to do this task. I will illustrate this tool with the help of two simple examples.

Finding the number of circles of particular radius:

Let’s assume that we want to know the number of circles with radius 2 units from our drawing. To do that click on the Quick select tool on the Utilities panel of Home tab. Alternatively, you can also use its command equivalent QSELECT.

Find number of objects in AutoCAD

From Apply to drop-down menu of the Quick Select window select Entire drawing option. In next menu, a list of all items present in the drawing will appear select circle from object type drop-down menu.

Now all the properties associated with circle will be listed in the properties panel, select the radius from the Properties panel.

Select =Equals operator from next menu and enter the radius of the circle in the Value field. In this case, I am entering 2 as the radius then click OK. If you want to select all circles in the drawing with the radius greater than 2 units then select > greater then operator, similarly other operators can be chosen depending upon your requirement.

Once you have made all settings in Quick select window click OK. You will see the number of circles with radius 2 units above command line as shown below.

If you want to find the total number of circles in the drawing then select radius in property menu. From the Operator menu, select the Greater than operator and enter 0 in the value field. It’s obvious that radius of all circles present in the drawing will certainly have a value greater than zero!

In a similar way, you can create as many criteria as you want for finding or selecting objects of a particular property from your drawing. Quick select will not include objects which are present in a block even if they meet the criteria described by the quick select command.

To find the number of Blocks in a drawing:

AutoCAD offers a direct command BCOUNT for finding the number of each block used in the drawing. This command can only count active blocks in your drawing which means if you have a block which is not used in the drawing area then the result will not contain its count.

To see the number of blocks type BCOUNT on the command line and press enter then select an area in the drawing from where you want to count blocks. To count the number of blocks in entire drawing don’t select an area directly press enter and the complete drawing will be selected.

Find number of objects in AutoCAD

Once you have made selection press enter to get results, the final count of blocks will appear above the command line as shown in the image above.

You can expand command line to see the result or type F2 to bring a popup window with command history containing results.

Do you have questions related to this tip? Let me know in comments below.

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