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Do you have a question related to our courses or course delivery platform? We are here to help you. Check your question in the FAQ below.

With the lifetime subscription, you get access to all the content on SourceCAD including courses, downloads and eBooks and you don’t ever need to pay again.

With a monthly subscription, you get access to all the courses, downloads and eBooks for 30 days which is auto-renewed at the end of the 30-day cycle, you can cancel this subscription anytime.

Only the monthly subscription renews automatically. The subscription renews automatically until you cancel the subscription.

This sometimes happens due to cookies stored in your browser. Logout from the SourceCAD courses platform and clear your browser cookies then login to platform again.

The courses on SourceCAD are good for AutoCAD 2012 or later versions and you can use any of these courses for your version of AutoCAD.

The monthly subscriptions allow you to access courses for a 30-day cycle after which your card is billed automatically for renewal. If you don’t want to be billed for next payment cycle then cancel your subscription from “manage subscription” option under your profile.

Yes, you can change your credit card from “Add/Change Credit Card” option which is available under your profile drop-down menu.

Data files are provided with required videos of every course and they are available to every enrolled student irrespective of their subscription type. You can download data files from the download link provided under each course video. In some of the courses, data files are available as a single package under introduction video.

Each account is licensed for a single user and it may not be shared by other users.

We currently don’t allow video lesson downloads of our premium courses, but you can download videos as well as other related materials from the Tutorial page for free lesson videos.

You can ask your questions directly inside the course, there is a Q&A section for students available in all courses. You can also reach instructor on

As a subscriber, you will get periodic updates about the courses(s) you are enrolled in and we inform all subscribers via email of any updates.

Yes, the certificate is provided to every student who has finished the course 100%. The certificate of completion is sent to the registered email ID automatically on course completion.

We would never want you to feel dissatisfied with our courses and we take students satisfaction very seriously. Still, if we fail to meet your expectations you can ask for a refund within 30 days of enrollment.

It depends on the number of subscriptions you are looking for, you can contact us for bulk discount rates.

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