Hide and isolate objects in AutoCAD without using layers

Making drawings in a crowded part of the drawing is a very tedious task as cursor tend to snap to points which we don’t want. Although you can select a particular Object snap from the right contextual menu or you can manually turn off object snaps that are not required.

But the easier way will be cleaning up your drawing space to remove unnecessary clutter and work in a clean area. Hide and Isolate options are made specifically for these type of situations.

For example, if you have a floor plan with lots of blocks and annotations covering a certain part of drawing then you can hide some of those objects to clear the mess and work in that area. Later on, when you are done with the drawing you can bring back those hidden objects.

You can do it using layer visibility toggle as well but in that case, all objects on a particular layer are affected but with the Hide and Isolate option you can selectively hide interfering objects.

Isolating objects:

From drawing select components which you want to keep in drawing then right click to bring the contextual menu. From this menu select isolate then isolate objects.

Hide and isolate objects in AutoCAD

All the objects from the drawing will disappear leaving only drawing objects which you have selected, now you have a clutter free drawing to work with. Don’t worry the remaining objects are not deleted they are only hidden from the view and you can always bring them back.

Hiding objects:

If you are interested in hiding only certain components from drawings then you can use hide option from the contextual menu. Select objects that you want to hide from drawing then right click to bring the contextual menu and select Isolate then Hide objects.

This will hide only the objects which you have selected leaving all the remaining objects active in drawing area.

Ending object isolation:

To bring all objects back in the view right click anywhere in drawing area and select Isolate from the contextual menu then select End Object Isolation. This will bring all hidden and isolated objects back in the drawing area.

Hide and isolate objects in AutoCAD

You can also end object isolation by clicking Isolate Object icon on the status bar and selecting End Object Isolation from the menu that appears.

If you have questions related to this tip then let us know in the comments below.

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    From “Isolating Objects”, you wrote: “From drawing select components………….” What do you mean by that?
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      I mean “select objects which you want to hide or isolate from the drawing area”.

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