Generally, we create dimension styles and then use that dimension style throughout our drawing, this ensures consistency of style in our drawing. But if you want to make the small change in dimension style so that it is restricted to only a few selected dimensions without altering complete dimension style then you can use dimension style overrides.

By using these overrides, dimension style remains unchanged and still, you can apply the new type of dimension adding different text height, color, or even tolerances in AutoCAD dimension.

Dimension overrides are created as nested dimensions styles with changed parameters from its parent dimension, let’s take the example of the sample drawing shown below.dimension style overridesIn this drawing dimension of length, 48 is clearly visible but the dimension of length 26.77 is overlapping drawing and looks improper. In order to change the size of dimension text keeping its dimension style unchanged, we will create its override with a smaller text height.

To start type D on the command line and hit enter, you will see all dimensions listed on the left panel of dimension style manager. Select the dimension style ISO-25 which is used to create the dimensions of drawing shown above and click on Override.

dimension style overrides

Now go to the Fit tab and change the value in “Use overall scale of” field to 1 and click OK. You will observe that a new <style overrides> dimension style will be added below ISO 25 dimension style, Select that dimension style make it current and close dimension style manager.

Now delete dimension which is overlapping geometry and create a new dimension with style override, new dimension thus created will be smaller in size as shown in the image below.

dimension style overridesOnce you have created your dimension you can delete dimension override from dimension style manager, on deleting override your original dimensions will be retained on the drawing and it will not be affected.

In a similar way, you can change many other parameters in dimension override like arrow style, text style, color etc. without creating a new dimension style.

Did you find this article helpful? Do you have questions related to dimension style overrides? Let me know in comments below.

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