You can divide object with blocks in AutoCAD like Polyline, Spline or Circle in equal segments or at equal intervals using divide and measure command. You can also divide objects in AutoCAD using points or nodes but in this article, I will use blocks instead of points for creating divisions.

Let’s take an example of the image shown below. Here we have an irregular shaped pond and we will add tree along its border at equal intervals.

I have already created a block with name Tree and I will use this block at each division point.

Divide object with blocks in AutoCAD

Type DIVIDE on the command line and press enter to start the command you can also select Divide command from expanded Draw panel of Home tab. Command line will prompt you to select an object, select boundary of the pond. Now on command line, you will see this prompt

divide command autocad_sample image 3

Click on Block option from this command prompt or you can also type B and press enter to select Block option from the command line. Now command line will prompt you to select the name of the block which you want to insert at division points, type Tree for this case and press enter.

The prompt will now ask you whether you want to align block with boundary object or not. Select yes from this option if you want the object to change orientation according to the path. Select no if you want to keep the orientation of block fixed at all points on the path.

Our current tree block is circular so selecting either of the options will have negligible effect hence I will select Yes from the prompt. Finally, the command line will prompt you to enter the number of segments in which you want to divide the boundary, enter 12 in this case and press enter.

You will notice that 12 Tree blocks will be added to the boundary of the pond at equal spacing as shown in the image below.Divide object with blocks in AutoCAD

Similarly, you can divide object with blocks in AutoCAD at an equal distance using MEASURE command but in the case of measure, you need to enter the length of the segment instead of the number of segments.

Do you have questions related to this tip? Let me know in the comments below.

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