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1. State true or false: It is not possible to make a linear array with copy command
2. State true or false: An object is selected only if the crossing window or polygon completely encloses it
3. what should be the angle of horizontal line so as to rotate it to the position of green line?
4. In the image shown here, what is the offset distance between both the closed geometries?
5. To reduce the size of an object to half of its initial value using SCALE command the scale factor would be?
6. What is the result of using POLYLINE sub command of FILLET command
7. In the rectangular array shown here what is the gap between rows?
8. To break a Polyline into lines and arcs which command can be used
9. The command for trim tool is?
10. In the rectangular array shown here, what is the gap between columns?
Modifying and manipulating drawing
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