These are some of the testimonials from our students learning on our platform and on Udemy, I have not only included the positive testimonials and reviews but I have also included testimonials that helped us in shaping our future courses and the ones that gave us constructive criticism.

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“The AutoCAD course was great, it was presented very well and you took the time to explain the details even when it could be skipped. I liked it and I can confidently say I can draw a house plan. Thank you and keep doing the good work.” – K. George Varghese

“Thanks a lot for the certificate. I am an electrician and had lots of problems with reading AutoCAD electrical floor plans while working on my projects. I found the source cad on youtube channel and trusted to join the AutoCAD complete course on SourceCAD site. Although my English was not that good but the sweet and clear explanations of the lessons by Mr. Pandey made everything very easy for me. Now after completing the course I can easily draw any kind AutoCAD floor plans and electrical floor plans. Thank you very much Mr. Jaiprakash Pandey” -Noorullah Saleh 

“Thanks a lot for the Certificate and the very flawless instruction on how to do a planned house in AutoCAD. This is really amazing! I could say this is the most perfect guide I have seen on how to deal in AutoCAD. Mr. Jaiprakash Pandey, you are such a brilliant person that you have shared this for free. I deeply appreciated your AutoCAD tutorial. Hopefully, there still more courses or demo you could offer like a topographic/contour course.” – Peter A. Batoyog

“This course is a must-have for those who’ve wanted to master the latest version of AutoCAD. People with a prior experience with CAD systems should have no problem with the interface and the program’s features. However, the course’s material is taught efficiently enough, so even the complete beginner would learn to use most of AutoCAD’s potential in a reasonable amount of time. Keep in mind that the course is slightly oriented toward architectural applications and the usage of ANSI standards. It won’t teach you to make drawings by standards applied in your country, although by completing this could you would have sufficient skills to adapt the workflow to your requirements and tastes. Overall, this course is the perfect way to get familiar with the professional-grade CAD software and boost your potential as the design engineer.” – Nickita Potapov

“This is an incredible course one can easily understand with even no prior knowledge of AutoCAD. The instructor is really thorough about the models covered in this course. Learned a great deal and refreshed old knowledge. Thank you so much for making this course!” – Mahesh Parshuram Shinde

“I have a center where I teach people AutoCAD, but since I started following this course on SourceCAD, my mode of teaching has changed and my client now understands better, thanks to SourceCAD.” – Douglas Kingsley

“Great! I loved it, I learned more than I had expected, really simple and easy to follow. The instructor is very knowledgeable, I am glad that I took this course.” – Hafiz Shaikh 

“Great course. My last exposure to AutoCAD was version 3 (many years ago) and I’d forgotten most of what I knew then. Taking this course was a great way to learn AutoCAD 2017.  I struggled with a few lessons but finally finished. Before I saw these courses, I considered enrolling at a community college, but after just a few of the lesson, I decided I could learn more by just doing the exercises – plus I could go at my own speed (much quicker than the courses I’ve taken in the past at the local college). Thank you for providing a great service!” – Heinz Neutzner

“The learning has been great, I have asked questions wherever I had doubts & I got the reply for every query of mine. The way the program has been created is also amazing. It has been explained in a way that anyone can understand it irrespective of his/her previous knowledge about AutoCAD” – Naresh

“I have zero experience with AutoCAD, and I already can draw a circle to the size I want, move that circle around, make it bigger, add tools, and navigate the panels and its only been 10 minutes.” – Rebekah Mcleod

“Very simple explanation. A great course to take for beginners of this course. I highly recommend it.” – Iniyavel

“I am happy with the pace and the lessons are short. Which enables me to absorb the lessons at my own pace” – Rodney T Fallon

“I like how this is broken up into modules that complete in 22 videos. The material is presented clearly and it’s easy to follow.” – Roy Centanni

“Clear and concise explanations demonstrating each and every tool on the ribbon. This is perfect for a beginner like me.” – Emily Chan

“THANK YOU!!! I haven’t finished the course yet but I can tell that this is what I needed!” – Amin Bazian

“This was a great course! All the basics and general concepts were taught without being overly detailed or unclear. This has provided me a solid foundation for using AutoCAD” – Brooke Guzar

“One of the best teacher I have come across. He is very specific and knowledgeable of the subject matter. Teaches in a real professional manner. Hope to see more of the courses from him” – Mansur Alam

“Thank you so much. I really enjoyed this class. I took AutoCAD in 2000 so this was sort of a refresher course for me.” – Kwasi addo

“As a newbie, this course tremendously helped me in working around with AutoCAD. The teacher is very knowledgeable and knows how to communicate the important aspects of the software. Now I can see why this course is a bestseller. Thank you Jaiprakash!” – Raymond Selda

“Great overview over all the opportunities one has with AutoCAD. Everything is explained perfectly and very detailed, even if you have never worked with CAD before, this course will be the start for you in this field. I have worked with this kind of software a bit before, however this course took my knowledge to a new level… really feeling like an expert now! Thank you very much!” – Dominik Reisach

“The course is great, the instructor is clear, the instructions are clear, and I am just enjoying doing it, thank you.” – Sam Bondi

“I understand everything, the explanation is captivating and very detailed. Excellent course.” – Milena Peixoto Rodrigues

“Excellent!!! superb clarity of voice and complete knowledge of the topic that is taught. I learned more than what I had expected to learn.” – Mahamed Suhan

“Easy To understand, good for someone beginner like me, trainer was awesome, all software functions were well covered” – Joydeep De

“I have been searching for a tutorial to learn CAD for so long. SourceCAD is the best for any first-timer. Takes you from zero to 50% confidence in ONE DAY” – Ernest Iremiren

“Love it! Really simple and easy to follow. Some great example drawings to follow and practice on. As a bonus, perhaps a few drawings to change, annotate or try to match, with some random exercises of previously covered material might be a good idea to test and practice knowledge.” – Oliver Hine

“A really great end to end walkthrough of AutoCAD. It was awesome to go from 2D to 3D, on to final renderings and an animated walkthrough, and then to printed floor plans. I liked the fact that it was project based so I could keep my bearings in each module. Looking forward to more tutorials!” – Patrick

“The content was very informative and the explanations very clear. The instructor speaks very clear and simply but at the same time you learn many things within almost an hour! It helped me a lot, thank you Jaiprakash!” – Georgia Petropoulou

“I think that this course is good for people who have little or no prior experience using the computer aided drawing software. We are using this course for a STEM class at school and it is good and easy to use for everyone in the class” – Jacob Hale

“So far so good, the accent is clear, he is fast enough and to the point and has the logical order of the course I think in terms of what he addresses first.” – Tamara Jaradat

“After going through the course I am learning quite a bit. Thank You, you are an amazing instructor and teacher of one of the world’s best software.” – Edwin Pina

“So far, the presentation is very good. Now, I am midpoint on the course and I find it very interesting and learning a lot in each lesson. Finally, this is a great course. I will like to continue to learn and practice more. Thank you very much.” – Jose S. Demapan

“I will definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn AutoCAD. The instructor is clearly a very well trained individual in his respective fields not only in AutoCAD. His ability to explain concepts and ideas is first class. Is the course worth the money? You cannot put a price tag on good quality education or instructors. The course is worth every cent. Just one request, please don’t price it out of the reach of the average man, your current pricing is just right” – Gert Booysen

“The Instructor’s approach takes the student through AutoCAD tools easily. Projects have been easy so far. I learned new ways to use the same tool. Definitely, I like it so far.” – Robert Montes de Oca

“Great material, great knowledge base from the instructor, and lots to learn! Worth taking if you need practice in CAD! Have difficulty understanding the accent sometimes, and perhaps some more explanation of why/how you’re doing things would be helpful” – Jeremy Bumgarner

“Great course for AutoCAD. Well explained and in detail. Thanks, Prakash. Well Done” – Lawrence Sebastian

“Great instruction for basic use of CAD so far. Does move a little fast, that is not a bad thing for everyone, just would be nice to give example of when you would use such command or drawing” – Dulce Hidalgo

“So far I’m very satisfied, as a mechanical engineering student, I can say that it covers all the needed tools to create a complete drawing. I was already using SolidWorks but had very little experience on AutoCAD. Since this course starts with the very basics (which is a good thing), I’ve skipped the first lessons, for it is very similar to SolidWorks.” – Tiago Felipe Gaiguer Farias

“I think this tutorial is so useful for engineering student or designing lovers, it’s easy to apply the drawing during the lecture, it’s awesome.” – Osama Hamed Ahmed Gomaa

“I learned AutoCAD 2007 in 2011 as a varsity course and then never practiced for last 6 years. At present, I installed 2010 version and only because of this course I am feeling interested to practice AutoCAD again. Step by step, I am regaining the commands and technique. This is really a wonderful afford and I am very grateful.” – Tanvir Siraj