Making a linear array with copy command of AutoCAD

With the Array feature of the copy command, you can easily make a linear array in AutoCAD without using the rectangular array tool.

To explain this feature I will use the geometry shown in the image below. Here we want to make an array of a verticle rectangle so that it finally looks like the image on the right side with six rectangles in a row with the gap of 2 units among each of them.

array with copy command of AutoCAD

Sample geometry for array

Type CO on the command line and press enter to start the copy command then select rectangle and press enter again.

Now specify any point on the rectangle as the base point, for this case I am clicking at lower left corner of the rectangle. Now look at the command line, it prompts you to select the second point or select the Array option.

array with copy command of AutoCAD

Select Array option from the command line, now it will prompt you to specify the number of items in the array. Type 6 on the command line and press enter. Command line will now prompt you to select the second point for the array or select the Fit option.

Click at the second point in the drawing area to specify the gap between two corresponding array elements. You can also enter the distance between the two elements on the command line, for our current example, I will enter a distance of 2 units and press enter.

You will see that an array will be created with six rectangles all spaced at the distance specified by you.

Array with copy command in AutoCAD 3

If you select the Fit option from the previous prompt then specifying a distance will fit all objects within that space. For example, if you select Fit and then type 10 on the command line and press enter then all six rectangles will be fitted in between a length of 10 units.

Do you have questions related to this tip? Let me know in the comments below.

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