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Free AutoCAD Video Tutorial Series

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2D Tutorials

Part 2Creating DrawingsDuration
1Line Command03:55 Min
2Circle Command03:41 Min
3 Rectangle Command02:57 Min
4Polygon Command03:18 Min
5Arc Command07:29 Min
QuizCreating drawing Quiz
Part 4Drawing ToolsDuration
1Using co-ordinate system06:14 Min
2Polar and Ortho mode04:34 Min
3 Dynamic Input03:35 Min
4Object Snap06:33 Min
5Object Snap Tracking02:06 Min
6Creating Hatches05:24 Min
QuizDrawing Tools Quiz
Part 7Preparing Layout and PlottingDuration
1Preparing layout and adding title block04:18 Min
2Plotting Drawing06:54 Min
QuizPreparing layout and plotting
Part 82D Practice DrawingDuration
1Partial section view drawing06:14 Min
2Simple 2D drawing02:40 Min
3 Wrench in 2D06:39 Min
4Creating and inserting blocks03:51 Min
5Creating Singleline Text05:18 Min

3D Tutorials

Part 1Introduction to 3D solid modelingDuration
1Navigating 3D workspace04:20 Min
2Using view control and view cube04:56 Min
3 Extrude command05:21 Min
4Presspull Command03:53 Min
5Revolve Command04:21 Min
6Sweep Command06:48 Min
QuizIntroduction to AutoCAD 3D Quiz
Part 3Surface ModelingDuration
1Making basic surfaces03:31 Min
2Patch and Fillet Tool02:16 Min
3 Offset and surface blend tool03:58 Min
QuizSurface Modeling Quiz
Part 53D Practice drawingDuration
1Fan Blade02:43 Min
23D Pipe Joint02:40 Min
3 Bolt with Diamond Knurling06:39 Min
4Angular Joint03:51 Min
5Oldham’s Coupling05:18 Min

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